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Dance performance by Tanusree Shankar and group

Tipo del evento: Acontecimiento
Lugar: Ateneo de Madrid. C/Prado, 21
Horario: 20:00 horas

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The Embassy of India, in collaboration with the ImagineIndia Film Festival will present a dance programme by the acclaimed artiste Tanusree Shankar and her group, sponsored by the Indian Council of Cultural Relations (ICCR), in Madrid on 17th May 2011.

The performance will include a presentation of a dance-drama based on Rabindranath Tagore's poem "The Child" as part of our activities for the commemoration of the great poet's 150th birth anniversary.

About the Performance: "TAGORE'S CHILD"


Dancer and choreographer TANUSREE SHANKAR is the Artistic Director of Tanusree Shankar's Dance Troupe in Kolkata. Based on the creative style, pioneered by the legendary dancer Uday Shankar, Tanusree has developed a kind of choreography known as "New Dance" which is creative and contemporary. The dances, set to the vibrant music of visionary artiste Ananda Shankar and others, are presented in a theatrical manner to reach out to audiences worldwide. The dances are a perfect blend of the rich Indian traditions and the more open outlook of the west - they are Indian in spirit, modern in presentation and universal in appeal.

The members of Tanusree Shankar's Dance Troupe are accomplished dancers having performed both in India and in more than 40 countries. They have performed in many prestigious festivals, including Middfest International in U.S.A., the Womad Festival in U.K. & Canary Islands, and the Edinburgh International Fringe Festival in U.K. The dancers have participated in residencies, conducted by renowned international dancers and choreographers, like Jacqulyn Buglisi, Andre Tyson, Janet Kaylo, Jaan Freeman and more recently, Margaret Jenkins.

Tagore's CHILD

Man's journey from the darkness of ignorance, hopelessness and desperation of life, to the light of knowledge and understanding, is difficult, full of turmoil, doubt and treachery. It is only fragile hope and faith that takes him along. Even that faith seems inadequate to the rigours of this journey. Yet this faith carries him through to enlightenment and the newness of life represented by the child, full of innocence, simplicity and potential.

"The Child" is Rabindranath Tagore's only poem written originally in English. Tanusree Shankar's interpretation depicts a flowing, rhythmic, spiritual journey of Man through the ages, from the bondage of ignorance, ultimately to the freedom of enlightenment and self realization. At the same time, it may also be considered a celebration of the mother - the feminine principle in the universe.

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