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Communities that use as platform are grouped by area of interest. The services that PRIVATE provides for its community members are:

1.User services

a.Update personal data.

b.Set the Community you wish to access by default on entering

c. Change active community

d.Subscribe to a community

e.Respond to an invitation to join a community

2.Contact and communication services among community members

a.Information exchange by means of posts.

b.Creation of a structured space, a virtual folder where vast amounts of data can be stored and organized. This structured space is quite similar to the folder structure of an Operating System such as Windows, Linux, etc.

c. Instant messaging with the option of videoconferencing.

d.Community notice board.

e.Community events calendar.

f. Directory of community members.

Actually, active communities are:

  • Cultura
    • Comunidad interesada en la figura de Tagore, MasTagore trabaja en la difusión de este poeta bengalí conocido a nivel mundial. MasTagore pone a disposición de los miembros de la Comunidad y de los internautas información, estudios inéditos y trabajos alrededor de esta singular figura.

    • En este Club Literario los miembros de la comunidad podrán ahondar en las opiniones sobre los libros leídos, hacer recomendaciones literarias, subir archivos con biografías de autores, conferencias, congresos de literatura india, etc.

    • Lugar de encuentro de los Amigos de la Casa de la India donde pueden relacionarse directamente e intercambiar información relativa a actividades relacionadas con la India.

  • Culture
    • This community was thought as a hotchpotch to list or count contacts and historic exchanges of all kinds (cultural, politic, social or economic). Currently, these are more or less forgotten, but they are curious in addition to having contributed to build (or destroy) bridges between India and Spanish-American world in the past.

    • I am happy to join your community.

      -Ashish Mehta

      Khadia, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.


      An international cooperation project funded by the European Union under the EuropeAid programme “Investing in People. Supporting culture as a vector of democracy and economic growth’ 

    • ICCR GSS Scholarship winners form a talented group of individuals who have had an opportunity of experiencing India first hand – as students, no less! They are therefore vital assets of the strong academic and cultural linkage between India and Spain.

      The creation of this Community is an attempt to bring together such scholars for exchange of ideas on how to further develop these linkages.

      At the same time, this is also a forum to guide and share experiences with new scholarship winners from Spain who are currently studying in India or are about to embark on this wonderful journey so that they can utilise this opportunity to its maximum.

      It will be a pleasure for the Embassy of India to be associated with this forum and extend any help that may be required from its side.

      With best wishes and looking forward to a fruitful interaction and association,

      Maitrey Kulkarni,

      Second Secretary (Culture, Academics and Media Matters)

      Embassy of India, Madrid

    • A meeting and dissemination point where you can access to updated information, an open forum to discuss about the training activities and the events, additionally it is a place to find relevant documents for the Venture Lab & the Cluster.

    • Proyecto pionero, desarrollado por la Asociación Redes Transculturales Kalarte y la Casa de la India con el apoyo del Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte y destinado a cubrir un vacío de información y de plataformas de colaboración especializadas en Artes escénicas y Música, así como dar a conocer uno de los grandes mercados emergentes del siglo XXI: la India.

    • Hola, buenos días,

      Somos una editorial con más de 40 años de trayectoria profesional en el ámbito de las Humanidades. En nuestro fondo editorial hemos dedicado una atención especial a la historia y las manifestaciones religiosas y culturales de la India.

      Para nosotros sería un honor formar parte de vuestra comunidad y poder compartir con vosotros este espacio.

      Un cordial saludo,

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